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Megane R.S. 300 Trophy

1.8L Turbo engine

Every day just got more exhilarating


new Renault Megane R.S. 300 Trophy benefits from all the innovations introduced with Megane R.S. such as 4 control four-wheel steering system.

  1. suspension with hydraulic compression stops:borrowed from the demanding world of rallying, hydraulic compression stops on the Megane R.S. are added to each shock absorber to dampen the bump before they reach full compression. this avoids any rebound and pendulum effects, helping to keep each tyre in contact with the ground to produce notable improvement, whatever the road throws at you.

  2. torsen mechanical limited slip differential:associated with the cup chassis, it has an asymmetrical transfer rate for acceleration and deceleration to improve acceleration power and cornering speed.   


4control technology contributes to decisive steering and optimised road-holding for a precise, sure-footed drive. at low speeds the system turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels. at speeds over 60km/h (100km/h in race mode), all four wheels turn in the same direction. you are in control of the roads.


new Renault Megane R.S. 300 Trophy introduces a new version of the 1.8L turbo engine, driven by a 300PS power unit. power gains are thanks to development in the turbo and exhaust, notably benefiting from technology pulled directly from Formula1.

great performance & sportier design

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